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Guess what color is going to be the New Black? Hint… it’s not Orange.

After being asked “How to tie a bow tie” the next big question of my clients is can look into my magic fashion ball and figure out what is THE color to wear next season.

So I thought I’d write a blog post all about it.

As I am sure you know, twice a year fashionistas worldwide are hooked on a singular question, “What are the new colors designers will be showcasing?” In other words, hitting closer to home, “What is in my wardrobe that will be considered trendy for the upcoming season?”

Yes, twice a year the designers are charged with showing their upcoming collections that reflect these thoughts. Along with the new colors, there will always be some standby basics, perhaps tweaked just a bit, to give some continuity to the color palette, yet amped up a notch or two.

Defining the Colors

The colors are traditionally aimed at women’s fashions, then translated to the men’s line. As of late, the colors for men refuse to be muted, and lose very little in translation, with the trend to be colorful and bolder, even for the Fall.

The current examples of the grounding colors are Gray Sharkskin, a rich and almost metallic hue and Warm Taupe, which is a great base for a plethora of colors and shades. Both colors exude dependability and stability.

Now that we have the base, lets examine what is going to punch up these two colors, both on the runway and the rack.


This year Fall fashion leading colors are a mash-up of jewel tones, those dependable stalwarts through years past. They are current and vibrant with Blues that are leading the charge, with Riverside Blue being the distinctly darkest exuding a cool, calm and constant character, contrasted with Airy Blue, showing weightlessness and serenity.

Three more jewel tomes are both the surprise and the punch. Aurora Red is warm and sensual; Lush Meadow is a dynamic hard to be classified green. It’s brightness and depth is almost Emerald. Rounding out the surprise category is Spicy Mustard with its rich vibrancy.

For the discerning gentleman, acquiring these new colors to your wardrobe is easier than you might think. Take that rich gray suit, pair it with a crisp shirt, a bowtie and pocket square combo with red, gray and white geometric pattern. Or a taupe suite paired with a dusky gray bow tie with a blue floral pattern. You are now up to date for any event where being current and fashion forward is required.

Fitting in with the current collection is not all about going and buying a new wardrobe, but working what is in your closet with new accessories to remain current and fashionable.

I am always here for you to help with any of your fashion questions and quandaries!

KnottingHill Bowties is one of the country's leading providers of handcrafted silk bow ties. KnottingHill Bowties are worn by many celebrities worldwide. We excel in providing exceptional services for wedding planners, events, galas, and finding fashion solutions for unique situations. KnottingHill Bowties support LGBTA equality.

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