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Real Men Tie Their Own Bow Ties

Everyone can tie his or her own shoelaces without thinking twice about it, right? This is something that was a right of passage when you were struggling to be a ‘Big Boy”. OK, that and the potty seat. Usually the potty seat came first.

The same basic principles apply to tying your bow tie. Granted, your bow tie is much more visible, and needs to be tied a bit more precisely, but it’s pretty much apples to apples.

Instead of trying to follow the nearly impossible printed directions that come with some bow ties; digress to your childhood and learn the steps and what they do to produce the final product of a fabulously tied tie. Once you have a clear process for each step, you will have the same sense of accomplishment you had the first time you tied your own shoes!


Put the tie around your neck, one end over the other, similar to making the first knot at the top of the laces.


Instead of making “bunny ears” with your show laces, you are making a symmetrical first half of your tie (this will be the front set), and when you bring the other end of the tie over and down the middle of your perfectly symmetrical first half (the start of your knot), you will make the second pair of bunny ears (this will be the back set).


You then fold the first half together with your thumb and forefinger, and next putting your forefinger through the knothole in the back and pulling the other end tight. This is the most misunderstood and missed step in tying a bow tie. This allows you to pass a corner of the second bunny ear through to make your final knot.


All you are left to do is adjust the tie back and forth until you have an even knot. Don’t worry about pulling it too tight…the tie can take it, and it will also help to keep your tie looking sharp.

Like everything else in life, this does take practice. But once you master this technique, there is a sense of accomplishment. Nobody will mistake your efforts for a pre-tied bowtie, and it is true that “Real men tie their own bow ties”!

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