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Are You Bowlingual?

We’re all familiar with the word bilingual right? Those are the fortunate, and talented individuals (unlike me – I can only speak certain Spanish words) who have the ability to speak more than one language.

So keeping that in mind, I am going to introduce a new word to the world, “Bowlingual” - I’ll be using this a lot so be sure and add it to your vocabulary.

What does Bowlingual mean?

Similar to bilingual (where individuals are able to understand and speak multiple languages) the bowlingual is a unique demographic in today’s modern society where certain individuals have the talent to choose fashion forward neckwear and have the ability to tie their own bow tie.

Bowlingual individuals are also trailblazers in the art of accessorizing to make their aesthetics seen and heard. This has been seen out in public where bowlingual’s wear stripes with patterns, or perhaps adding a bow tie to a short sleeved shirt for summer wear. Maybe wearing a bow tie with shorts and a linen blazer.

Personally, I get a smile when at an event and someone compliments me on my fashion choices. Why is that? It’s because I am bowlingual. And because it means I have given the onlooker the opportunity to exam his or her own style choices.

Perhaps they liked something in a magazine, but didn’t translate it to their personal style. Seeing something editorial should spark your interest and imagination to loosely replicate the idea, however not be an exact copy. I encourage everyone to become bowlingual and celebrate.

There are no limits to how or where you can wear bow ties and express your inner fashionista self, only that you do so with a fabulous smile and confidence knowing that you are one of the truly talented people who have mastered the art and become a member of the bowlingual society.

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