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Solving The Mystery of Combining Stripes and Patterns

From an early age, we were all taught not to mix stripes and patterns in our daily wardrobe, however the times are changing and it is ever so easy to keep up!

A striped shirt, whether subtle or bold, is often yearning for a complimentary pattern to go with it. A simple and easy solution to this mystery “how do I begin to figure out what will go with it and not overpower the stripe?”

Bow Ties stripes and patterns | KnottingHill Bowties

Let’s start at the beginning. Pick a patterned bow tie with a color element of the striped shirt, say lavender. The bow tie will now play a tone-on-tone scenario with the shirt, while not drawing attention away, because they are now complimenting each other.

Other colors in the bow tie give you options for slacks, black, gray or navy, khakis or jeans. If you are wearing a sport coat, the pocket square will reinforce your color and pattern choice. Pick another color out of the tie for a whimsical boutonniere!

An Everyday Look

The same theory is useful with patterned shirts when selecting a complimentary striped bow tie. Start with a color element this is found in both shirt and bow tie, and once more you are on your way to solving another mystery! You will also find that this method will help you discover new shirt and bow tie combinations, expanding your wardrobe choices beyond what you previously imagined!

Of course, we all get stumped at one time or another. Our new website has a live chat feature, so help is always close by. Whether you are attempting to select pieces from your closet, or are shopping at knottinghill and need some assistance, we have you covered!

You have now solved the mystery, let me know how you are doing with it!

KnottingHill Bowties is one of the country's leading providers of handcrafted silk bow ties. KnottingHill Bowties are worn by many celebrities worldwide. We excel in providing exceptional services for wedding planners, events, galas, and finding fashion solutions for unique situations. KnottingHill Bowties support LGBTA equality.

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